Don't-Miss Stories

Gateway DX4840-15: Strong Performance at a Great Price

If you aren’t the tinkering type and you aren’t interested in enthusiast-level gaming, Gateway’s DX4840-15 is a fine choice, at a fine price.

Gateway NV59C09u: An Attractive but Seemingly Fragile General-Purpose Laptop

A reasonable amount of power for work or video, but a bit pricey for its total capacity.

Gateway ZX4300-01e: Speedy All-in-One Makes a Few Compromises

Gateway’s 20-inch all-in-one desktop might be fast, but it takes a lot of hits to achieve its balance of speed and cost.

Gateway ZX6900-01e: Strong Big-Screen Performance at a Compelling Price

Aside from a few dings and dents on its specifications sheet, this large all-in-one PC produces great numbers for its relatively meager price.

Gateway NV5933u: Great for Blu-ray Movies, but Not for Games

With its i3 processor and Blu-ray Disc player, the Gateway NV5933u is a good, decently priced multimedia laptop.

The Netbook You Need

Want a great netbook for video, music, and light gaming? Or a machine with all-day battery life? Or maybe just a cool companion PC on the cheap? Look no further: We’ve uncovered suitable netbooks for all sorts of users.

Gateway's LT2118u: Style and Super Battery Life

Gateway's 10.1-inch netbook is a both a looker and a long-distance runner.

Gateway ZX4800-06: Attractive Budget All-in-One Packs No Surprises

Gateway’s ZX4800-06 offers good performance for a budget all-in-one PC, but some elements feel cheap or unpolished.

Gateway LT2120u: Style Meets Endurance

The touchpad may be hard to find, but this notebook runs seemingly forever.

Gateway EC14D07u: Average System in a Portable Package

The portable Gateway EC14D07u does nothing exceptionally well or poorly; it’s proficient without standing out.