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Our Tech Holiday Wish List: 10 Cool Gadgets We Really, Really Want

Colorful netbooks, personal TV systems, powerful digital cameras, and a potent Webcam: Our list is made, and we're checking it twice.


Gateway NV5214u All-Purpose Laptop

What it might lack in features, it makes up for in price. And it's easy on the eyes, too.

AnandTech: IE 8 Gives Laptop Users Longer Battery Life

For those of you who use your laptop mostly for browsing the Web, the browser you choose could play a large role in your laptops battery life.


Gateway FX6800-11 Value Desktop PC

The FX6800-11 provides top-notch general performance, strong graphics for gaming, and above-average storage for a value PC.

Gateway LX6810-01 Value Desktop PC

The LX6810-01 is an excellent general-purpose PC, but gamers might want a bit more than what this midsize tower offers.

Gateway DX4200-11 Value Desktop PC

If you’re on a strict budget, the $599 DX4200-11 is a keeper. If you can spend a bit more, however, you'll see a world of difference.

Gateway NV5807u All-Purpose Laptop

At $599, the Gateway NV5807u offers decent bang on a budget but lacks sex appeal.

Apple Satisfaction Down from 2008, Others Way Up

Though still 9 points above the personal computer average, Apple's 84 percent satisfaction is down 1.2 points from 2008, its all-time high. Most companies showed gains.

The Powerful Gateway P7808U Laptop

The Gateway P-7808u is a very capable desktop replacement, incorporating some high-end hardware for a very reasonable price.

Will Microsoft’s Stores Be More Like Apple’s or Gateway’s?

Laptop hunters rejoice, Microsoft retail stores are coming soon. But will they be a place you'll want to visit twice?