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Researchers embed transparent sensors in Corning Gorilla Glass

Researchers have successfully created a transparent temperature sensor that is embedded inside the Corning Gorilla Glass used by most smartphones. It could be in phones within a year, they said.

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Google sells Glass at PGA golf tournament in Florida

In an unusual move, Google pulls in more Explorers at the Players Championship in Ponte Verde, Fla.


Why Google Glass security remains a work in progress

University researchers develop spyware for Glass that snaps pictures and sends them to a remote server


Google Glass

Glass display maker: Many big names working on head-mounted gear

Get ready for more Glassholes. Himax already supplies the display for Google Glass and says it's working with other major IT and electronics brands.

Google Glass

Why wearable computing is waiting for AI

A new app for Google Glass may seem trivial, but it represents the future of wearable computing.


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California court dismisses Google Glass traffic ticket

A California woman won't have to pay that ticket she got in October, though a court commissioner affirmed that it's illegal to drive and use Glass at the same time.

google glass drivesafe

Sleepy at the wheel wearing Google Glass? Now there's an app for that

"OK Glass, keep me awake," users can say. However, the DriveSafe app is still in beta.

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Facial recognition coming to Google Glass, sort of

A third-party app developer claims that it will release a facial-recognition app, FaceRec, for Google Glass, but just barely.

Google Glass receives a hardware refresh; this time, you might get your hands on one

Google finally provided some Glass updates Monday, announcing a hardware refresh and an expanded Explorer program.


Galaxy Glass? Samsung files patent for smart spectacles

Is no body part safe from the Galaxy line's all-extending reach?