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Google says 'no' to sexually explicit content on Glass

Google Glass can, in theory, be used for lots of things, but sexually explicit material is one area now off limits to developers.


Google Glass not to allow face recognition for now

Google will not allow face recognition on its Glass wearable computer for now, until there are strong privacy protections.

Three days of Google I/O, as seen through Google Glass

This is how my Google Glass headset photographed a three-hour keynote and 72 hours of developer workshops.

Google Glass Explorer edition pops up on San Francisco Craigslist for $6500

Even though it’s totally against Glass’s terms of service, which explicitly states “you may not commercially resell any Device” a brave citizen of the San Francisco metro area has placed an ad on Craigslist offering their Google Glass Explore Edition for $6500. That’s a good $5k above “retail” value.


Google Glass users say they can be trusted with privacy

On the second day of Google I/O, Congressional privacy concerns hit an enthusiastic Glass crowd.

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Lawmakers press Google on Glass privacy

Eight members of the Congressional Bi-partisan Privacy Caucus want Google CEO Larry Page to tell them how Google Glass handles privacy issues.

A Google Glass store makes sense because buying them at Best Buy will suck big time

The rumored Google Glass stores be a powerful branding tool for the still-nascent cult of Glass. But they will be a place to avoid the hell of buying them at a national chain.


Google Glass how-to video shows off the interface

Google has released a getting started video for its Glass wearable computer, demonstrating some of its basic interface features.

Larry Page defends Google's 'big bets' on Glass, driver-less cars

Google's core product may always be search, but the company is just as serious about providing in-the-moment information to users with emerging technologies such as Google Now, self-driving cars and Glass, CEO Larry Page signaled on Thursday.

Google discloses tech specs and developer API for Glass

The Google Glass wearable computer will have a high-resolution display equivalent of a 25-inch high-definition screen from eight feet away, and will capture 5-megapixels images and video at a resolution of 720p, according to technical specs disclosed on Monday.

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Google's wearable computer faces bans even before Glass goes on sale

Businesses weigh a Google Glass ban, concerned that the wearable computers will be used to secretly film people.