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This ingenious browser plug-in teaches you what keys to press as you mouse-click around Gmail.

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Tweak and customize Gmail to reduce clutter and increase utility with Gmelius.

Add a Snooze Button to Gmail with Snooze Your Email

This free Chrome extension offers the same basic features as a service that costs $50 per year. And it works with Yahoo, too.

MiTeC Mail Viewer Makes Accessing Old Messages Easier

This utility lets you read messages, complete with attachments, just as easily as if you were using your original email client.

Notes for Gmail Adds Sticky Notes to Your Messages

Though still in early beta, this Chrome plug-in (coming soon for Firefox) has the makings of one of the handiest Gmail tools ever.

How to Protect Your Social Network Accounts from Hackers

A tech journalist learned a tough lesson recently. But using two-factor log-ons help guard your Google, Facebook, and Twitter accounts from being hijacked.

Teaming Gmail, Google Search Not Security Risk

While the new service is not likely to open doors to attacks, privacy concerns may worry some users enough that they'll opt out, expert says.

10 Tips for Gmail and Google Calendar

From remote calendar access to auto-declining appointments, here are 10 tips and tricks that will keep you focused, organized and productive.

Google Tests Feature that Shows Gmail Messages in Search Results

Google is experimenting with a feature that shows users' emails in personal search results.


Five Ways Beats Gmail -- and One Way it Doesn't

Microsoft's surprisingly good Hotmail replacement offers a lot of business-savvy features. But it stumbles on a major one.