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Business-savvy BrandMyMail creates sexy, information-packed signatures for your outgoing e-mail.

Tuesday's Gmail Outage Broader Than Originally Reported

Google underestimated the scope and consequences of the outage that hit Gmail on Tuesday.

Google Fixes Gmail Outage That Affected Millions of Users

An outage that prevented millions of users from accessing Gmail on Tuesday has been resolved, according to Google.

Change Gmail's Button Icons Back to Text

Not happy with Gmail's recent makeover? There's an easy way to replace those confusing icons with simple, straightforward text.

Make Web Apps More Manageable With Minimalist for Everything

Minimalist for Everything lets you easily toggle off annoying interface elements in Gmail and Google Reader.

Can I Safely Open Suspected Spam?

C. Corder asked if it's safe to open an email that landed in the spam folder

National Security Agency Pressed to Reveal Details on Google Deal

The Electronic Privacy Information Center has filed a Freedom of Information Act to obtain information about a deal that the NSA made with Google.

Google Explains Gmail's Spam Filtering Process

Now, when you click on a message in Gmail's spam folder, an explanatory note appears at the top, warning of suspicious hyperlinks or other actions you took in the past.

Remove an Email Address in Gmail

MLStrand56 asked the Answer Line about something that should be easy: How do you delete an email address in Gmail?

CloudMagic Brings Swift Gmail/Twitter Search to iOS and Android Apps

CloudMagic's super-speedy search has gone mobile, in the form of apps for iOS and Android devices.