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Chrome Now Able to Open E-Mail Links in Gmail

Prior to the Google releasing this feature, users had to copy an e-mail address or URL, open Gmail manually, create a new message and paste it into the message.

Fluent Turns Your Inbox into Facebook-Like Stream

Fluent lets you view conversation threads, attachments and mail from multiple accounts at a glance.

How Do I Make Web Mail My Default Email, Part 2

I offer another approach to integrating Web-based email with Windows.

How to Use Gmail Filters

With the help of Gmail filters, you can automatically sort your incoming email.

How Do I Make Web Mail My Default Email, Part 1

Skicrazer asked the Web Browsing and Email forum what to change so that clicking a mailto link would bring up a Web-based mail account

Google's New Privacy Policy: Why You Should Care

Google's new mega privacy policy has too few pros and many cons, say critics.

Email Tips: What's With That J? Plus Thunderbird Tweaks

Here's why the letter "J" inexplicably appears in some messages, and how to customize Mozilla's Thunderbird email client.

Log into Gmail on a PC via Your Smartphone

Google offers a slick way to more securely use a public PC by pairing log-in access with a QR reader on your smartphone.


Gmail Calling Stays Free Through 2012

Desktop users will continue to be able to call any domestic number within the United States or Canada through the end of 2012.


Google's Tough Week

Analysis: Its users are unhappy with Reader changes, the iOS Gmail app is pulled; what next?