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Microsoft steps up 'Scroogle' campaign against Google with advocacy twist

As Microsoft pushed out of preview mode today, analysts said the company's "Scroogled" attack ads, which fired shots at Google's Gmail two weeks ago, were effective.

Power through Gmail with 21 time-saving tricks

Unearth Gmail's best-kept secrets to work faster, plow through your inbox, and put more controls at your fingertips.

Four desktop email clients that can improve your Gmail experience

Not wild about using Gmail in your browser? You don't have to. These free desktop clients give you a better interface and more options.

Microsoft launches campaign targeting Gmail's privacy policies

Microsoft also promotes its own webmail program,, in the campaign

Domestic calls through Gmail to remain free in 2013

Google says that Gmail users in the U.S. and Canada will still be able to place voice calls through the web-based email service for free through 2013.

Gmail hiccups, Internet panics

A Gmail service disruption Monday lasted less than an hour; Google reports that the issue is resolved. vs. Gmail: Android app showdown

Microsoft's new Android app is part of the software giant's plan to take on Gmail

How to tame messy Gmail replies

Here's a great tip for keeping emails short by quoting only a snippet of text, not the entire thread.

Gmail gets integrated Google Drive link sharing

To use the new Drive integration you have to opt in to Gmail's new compose window

Google simplifies the way you will compose Gmails

Gmail will update the look for its compose and reply functions that will simplify message creation with an updated look.