Don't-Miss Stories vs. Gmail: Android app showdown

Microsoft's new Android app is part of the software giant's plan to take on Gmail

How to tame messy Gmail replies

Here's a great tip for keeping emails short by quoting only a snippet of text, not the entire thread.

Gmail gets integrated Google Drive link sharing

To use the new Drive integration you have to opt in to Gmail's new compose window

Google simplifies the way you will compose Gmails

Gmail will update the look for its compose and reply functions that will simplify message creation with an updated look.


How to move from Gmail to

Ready to jump ship from Google's mail service? Here's how to make a smooth, painless move to Microsoft's new alternative.


Android Gmail will get enhanced gesture functions, leaked video reveals

A leaked video shows new features in upcoming Google's mobile e-mail app, which may appear first in an LG model that is the next in Google's Nexus line.


Gmail adds support for search inside message attachments

Google is rolling out a new Gmail search feature that lets you conduct a search that includes attachments in a variety of popular formats.

Automatically save Gmail attachments to Dropbox or another cloud service

Free service makes short work of migrating your attachments to the cloud for safekeeping

Microsoft's SkyDrive gains hooks into Gmail, which lets Gmail users send attachments to and access files on several cloud storage services, now also works with Microsoft's SkyDrive.

Rein in your inbox and schedule email reminders with Right Inbox

Right Inbox blends into Gmail, letting you easily follow up on emails or schedule them for later sending. It doesn't do anything that's never been done before, but it does more (and more inexpensively) than anything else.