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ivy ross google glass 1

Google's new Glass boss, Ivy Ross, begins job by asking existential questions

Sure, the world's most famous wearable assumes a physical form, but Ivy Ross reminds us that Google is still more interested in what-ifs than blunt, definitive absolutes.


wearables right or wrong

Wearables Right or Wrong: Is now the right time to buy Google Glass?

Welcome to Episode 1 of our new video series. It’s time for honest talk about a hardware revolution that filled with so much promise -- and hype.


waterbar vignette

Google encourages more users to wear Glass in public with new travel apps

Google's smartglasses are indeed useful for an always-ambulatory lifestyle. But will new FourSquare, TripIt and OpenTable apps convince users to wear the polarizing wearable in public?


glass google 9

Google Glass once again on sale for all U.S. residents (this time with no time limit)

It's still the Explorer version, and not the final consumer release, but now regular-old U.S. residents can buy Glass again, as long as supplies last.


glass google 14

We asked early adopters: Why did you buy Google Glass?

There's got to be more to this self-selecting group than people who have $1500 and a nose to hang an alpha product on.


glassextras 12

Google may integrate Wallet into Google Glass (because that's what engineers do)

Sure, why not pay for stuff with your face computer? Anything is possible when you're tweaking a beta product.


google glass 4

Google Glass is now officially a normal, everyday product that anyone can buy

Amble on over to Google's shopping page. Glass is just sitting there, with an "Add to Cart" button like anything else you may buy online.


glassextras 9

Where R U now? iPhone texts come to Glass

iPhone users can soon have notifications for texts appear in their Glass displays.

google glass

Survey: Americans aren't keen on drones, Google Glass-like devices

Amazon and Google have some work to do to win over Americans if this survey from the Pew Research Center is any indication.

google glass 2012

Google invites Glass wearers to brave LA's beaches

Owners of the famously geeky glasses are invited to a run this weekend.