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Google removes ad-blocking software from Play store

Google has removed some programs from its Play store that block web advertisements, contending the applications violate its rules by interfering with other services.


Opera debuts beta WebKit-based browser for Android phones

By moving to open-source WebKit, Opera says it managed to make its browser faster, on par with Safari on iOS and Chrome on Android.

The Android apps of 2012 worth paying for: A favorites list

These 20 Android apps that debuted in this past year, made our favorites list for 2012.

Last-minute online gifting for apps, movies, music, and books

Stuck without a gift close to Christmas? Never fear: If your relatives like apps, books, movies, musics, or TV shows, there's a very simple solution to this dilemma -- electronic gift certificates.


FTC tightens privacy rules for kids’ apps

App platforms such as Apple’s App Store are exempt from new FTC regulations that require apps to obtain parental consent before following children’s online behavior.


Survey: Google Play gains on Apple App Store

iOS app sales still outpace Android app sales four to one.


hurricane sandy

Hurricane Sandy shuts down Google's Android event

Google has canceled its Android event scheduled for Monday morning in New York because its venue is in the evacuation zone for the approaching Hurricane Sandy.


After Google disappoints, Page points at future growth chances

Google CEO Larry Page tried to put a positive spin on his company's poor third-quarter financial results, which were released prematurely Thursday and triggered a panicked stock sell-off before trading was abruptly halted.

Google TV finally gets its own music and video store

More than two years after the launch of Google TV, the platform is getting its own built-in store for movies, TV shows, and music from Google Play.


Cybercriminals Take Advantage of Android Flash Player Gap on Google Play

Fake Android Flash Player installers hide malware and adware, security researchers say.