Don't-Miss Stories

BlackBerry Storm Touchscreen Underwhelms

There's been widespread anticipation for RIM's new touchscreen BlackBerry cellphone, the Storm. However, Senior Editor Denny Arar calls the touchscreen "a failed experiment."


Pharos Traveler 127 (Unlocked)

Pharos’ Traveler 127 has great GPS features, but is bogged down by a confusing and sluggish user interface.


Samsung Releases T-Omnia Phone

Samsung launches a version of its Windows Mobile-based touchscreen Omnia phone for the Korean market.


Pantech's C610 Cell Phone Wants Your Vote!

'The Pantech C610 cell phone has a glossy screen that resists earmarks, it features a straight-talk design, and its camera is suitable for taking photos of Russia from your front porch.


The Google Android Phone Arrives

T-Mobile's G1, the first phone out with Google's Android operating system, is finally here. The G1 boasts excellent ergonomics and call quality, but it's held back by basic omissions, such as no standard headphone jack and a camera with few features.


10 Amazing Google Earth Add-Ons

Maps from centuries past, paths of satellites whizzing by, global warming brought to life: User-created Google Earth mashups present a dizzying array of information in a new and imaginative graphical form.

Garmin GPS Adds 3D Building Views

At the IFA conference in Berlin, Garmin showed a new feature for their Nuvi 7x5 series GPS device: 3D city views.


Maximize Your Laptop With Cool Accessories

These accessories and add-ons will have your old laptop doing brand-new tricks in no time.

Holy Batgear! 10 New Gadgets for Batman's Utility Belt (and Cave)

Catching an evil genius requires sophisticated tools. Here are some tech toys we think the Dark Knight really ought to be carrying.


Overseas iPhone 3G Review: Great But Not Perfect

Our sister publication, PC World New Zealand, already has lived with a new Apple iPhone 3G for a short time. Here are some first impressions.