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Photoshop moves to Creative Cloud, merges Photoshop Extended

Photoshop Extended, the more advanced, expensive package that included 3D capability and sophisticated image analysis tools has now been merged into Photoshop CC.

Intel's Haswell gets massive graphics performance boost

Intel is already teasing the graphics boost in Haswell, the next-gen series of chips due to launch in June.

AMD unleashes Radeon HD 7990: A dual-GPU graphics card beast

Based on our hands-on preview, this could be the fastest video card on the planet.

Typography for all: Demystifying text for high-impact messages

These text tips will help you add punch to your message.


The 10 most important graphics cards in PC history

Graphics cards couldn't always play Crysis. Here's how the humble cards of yesteryear transformed into the monsters of today.

AMD provides a sneak peek at its Radeon HD 7990

AMD very briefly showed off its answer to Nvidia's Titan GPU at a GDC press conference Tuesday night.

AMD's newly-announced Radeon HD 7790 guns for the budget 1080p gaming crown

AMD has announced the Radeon 7790, a $150 graphics card with a brand new GPU that's gunning for Nvidia's GeForce GTX 650 Ti's crown as the best budget 1080p gaming option available.

Wacom unveils Cintiq 13HD

Brand new compact model is an upgrade of the Cintiq 12WX

AMD announces availability of its Elite A-Series APUs for notebook PCs

AMD today announced the availability of its AMD Elite A-Series Accelerated Processing Units (APUs), codenamed “Richland.”

Nvidia promises improved gaming with latest GeForce GTX Titan GPU

Nvidia on Tuesday announced the GeForce GTX Titan, a GPU designed to handle the most demanding games by harnessing the processing power of 2,668 graphics cores.