Don't-Miss Stories

New proof-of-concept tool detects stealthy malware hiding in graphics cards

Which is scarier: The fact that malware can get cozy in your hardware, or the fact that it was completely undetectable until now?

AMD, Nvidia ramp up Linux driver support after Valve's SteamOS announcement

The Linux-based SteamOS isn't even available yet but it's already making waves.

AMD unveils 'Hawaii' Radeon R7, R9 generation of GPUs

AMD unveiled its Hawaii GPU in a Webcast from Oahu, with configurable audio as the key selling point for this generation of graphics cards.

Report: Graphics market grows, thanks to double-chip dipping

A report from Jon Peddie Research shows an increase in graphics-chip sales, thanks to the addition of both discrete and integrated graphics to more laptops.

AMD's new gaming bundle is a game in itself

AMD discards its fixed list of games that are bundled with AMD graphics cards, moving to a system where users can choose--or gamble that new titles will be added in the future.

Report: One PC shooter will drive $800 million in hardware purchases

While the overall PC market may be in decline, a report this week contends that the PC gaming market will continue to rise -- in a big, big way. Can you believe a single game was responsible for more than $800 million in hardware purchases?

Nvidia's new GeForce GTX 760 attacks the mid-range at $250

Nvidia's $250 GeForce GTX 760 graphics card goes toe-to-toe with an AMD Radeon card that costs $50 more, but ships with a gaggle of games.

Nvidia's new $400 GeForce GTX 770 graphics card puts pressure on AMD

The newly announced GTX 770 series performs slightly better than last year's GTX 680 flagship, but for a whole lot less dough.

Nvidia's GeForce GTX 780: a Titan for the rest of us

The same GPU powering the $999 Titan is now available in a $649 cousin, and the GeForce Experience utility comes out of beta.

AMD launches the Radeon 8970M, its new(ish) notebook graphics flagship

Meet the new king, same as the old king. The Radeon 8790M is plenty powerful, but it bears a striking resemblance to its predecessor.