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Research Supports Claim That Cloud Is Energy Efficient

Cloud computing means a much better use of energy resources, says Pike.

Thin Clients Fit the Bill When PCs Are Overkill

Ultraslim terminals can reduce the costs and work involved in managing desktop systems.

HP's Green Switch Modules Support Energy Efficient Ethernet

HP this week refreshed its high-end chassis Ethernet switches with modules that conform to the IEEE's Energy Efficient Ethernet standard for reducing power.

Networking Gear Goes Green

Servers get most of the glory when it comes to energy management, but networking gear is about to catch up. Here's how to green your network.

Japanese Supercomputer Gets Faster but Draws No More Power

Tokyo Institute of Technology's newest supercomputer, Tsubame 2.0, proves that high-power computing can go hand-in-hand with energy efficiency.

2011 Innovations Awards Honorees: Home Entertainment

Looking to transform your home into an entertainment multiplex? Get to know some of the best HDTVs, games, media streamers, home-networking products, and entertainment gear that earned high honors in the 2011 CES Innovations Awards.


Green Grid Creates Metrics for Carbon and Water

The Green Grid consortium, which developed the widely-used PUE metric for measuring energy efficiency in data centers, is developing two more metrics to address...

Spending Money for the Best and Newest Isn't Always the Best Idea

We all want the newest, shiniest toys, but do we really need them?

Inside the Labs at Microsoft, HP and IBM

At Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and IBM, investment in research and development is a reflection of corporate culture. This three-part piece examines the different approaches by each.

Nokia Relaunches Recycling Campaign in Uganda

Nokia has relaunched a recycling initiative aimed at enabling the 11 million mobile-phone users in Uganda to dispose of old and unwanted devices.