Don't-Miss Stories

Gifts for Do-Gooders

Even during lean times, nobody wants to receive unwanted gifts that create more clutter. These presents fund good causes and help to reduce waste.

Market for Green Gadget Chargers Brightens

Markets for advanced charging technologies, worth about $1.5 billion in 2010, are forecast to grow at more than 86 percent growth rate.

Dell Beats Apple on Green Report Card

A report gives generally low marks to tech makers' take-back and recycling programs for old devices--and five major printer makers get an F grade.

The Top Green IT Organizations: Green From the Ground up

To reduce your company's carbon footprint, learn from these 12 IT departments reducing power demands and increasing efficiency.

Top 12 Green IT Vendors 2010

Technology vendors and data center suppliers were also invited to participate in Computerworld's search for the Top Green-IT Organizations.

25 New IT Companies to Watch

The next generation of IT vendors has arrived on the scene. Driven by a tentative economic recovery that is seeing venture capitalists release a few more dollars...

More Juice for Your IPhone; Streaming Internet TV to Real TVs

The Juice Pack boost and reserve quickly recharges the iPhone and iPod; the Link Wireless A/V Extender you extend a computer's display to a TV.

Tips for Cutting Data Center Energy Costs

Server virtualization is already saving you money. So why not save some more? Forrester Research shares thee recommended changes.

Researchers One Step Closer to 'Bootless' Computer

Physicists at the University of California have taken a giant leap closer to creating a new computer chip that gives memory the brains of a CPU.

Facebook and EBay Share Energy Tips for Data Centers

Facebook and eBay shared some tips at a conference this week for improving efficiency and cutting energy bills in data centers.