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iRobot Demos 'Shape Shifting' Next-Gen Robots

With technology ranging from clearing caves in Afghanistan to scooping potato chips from under couches, iRobot tries to cover the bases with its home-grown robotics technologies


Ice Balls Help Data Center Go Green

Green isn't usually the first color that comes to mind when one visits the hot, dry desert climate of Phoenix, where temperatures recently topped 109 degrees.

Recycling IT Assets Is Serious Business: How to Start

IT departments are learning to master the art of retiring hardware at the right time. Here's what to consider when recycling hardware your company no longer needs.

Icelandic Company Claims Fully Carbon Neutral Storage

Iceland company GreenQloud has teamed up with Scality to offer carbon-neutral storage,

Should I Turn Off My Router?

Keith Stanley asked if turning off his router will protect his computer from malware

Cisco Updates Small-business Switches, Phones, Cameras

Cisco Systems is updating parts of its product line for small businesses, a world where IT needs have grown up over the past few years.

No Sleep, No Standby, No Hibernation

Knifeblade asked the Answer Line forum why his PC won’t go into standby mode

Yahoo Opens 'Chicken Coop' Green Data Center

Yahoo has opened a new data center in New York state that runs on hydro power and will be cooled almost entirely by fresh air.

ARM Processor Ups the Ante for Mobile Computing Power

ARM unveiled a new quad-core 2.5Ghz Cortex A15 processor with vastly improved capabilities that will revolutionize what mobile computing devices are capable of.

Camping Tech: Outdoor Gadget Excess

Even geeks and gadget fans go outside once in a while. This innovative gear will make you the envy of other campers while you're enjoying the great outdoors.