Don't-Miss Stories

The Most Dangerous Jobs in Technology

For most desk-bound IT workers, the workplace is relatively tame. Others who earn a living in the technology realm, however, confront danger on a regular basis.

NEC Develops a Way to Go Green Inside

Green technology researchers design a bioplastic material for use in digital systems components.

Green IT Remains Immature, Emission Offsets Highly Unlikely

Green IT remains immature, and the industry is highly unlikely to offset its carbon emissions by 2020, a survey says.

Purdue App Slows Servers When Cooling Fails

An administrator from Purdue University has developed software that can slow servers when the AC goes out.

California Files Charges Against E-waste Recycler's Execs

California attorney general files fraud-related charges against three executives at an e-waste recycling firm.

Vampire Hunters: Devices Reduce Energy Waste

Specially designed surge protectors and gadget chargers promise to help cut your power consumption.


E-Books Aren't So Green, Study Finds

Research explores how environmentally unfriendly iPads and Kindles are.


Spray-On Solar Cell Technology Powers The Future

EnSol creates a spray-on solar-cell film that can go on virtually any surface, turning just about anything into a power-generating surface.


IBM Power Chips to Get 'no-power' Sleep Mode

IBM is working on a new deep-sleep mode for its Power processor.

Double Your Netbook Power with New Dual-Core Atoms

The new dual-core Atom N550 processors can re-ignite the popularity of netbook PCs, and expand the computing possibilities for other mobile computing platforms.