Don't-Miss Stories

3D-Printed Spider Can Help First Responders Save Lives

A new giant "spider" can crawl and even jump its way into dangerous places to locate hazards. Also: It's super creepy.


New Tech Can Reduce Battery Charging Time to Mere Seconds

A discovery in the self-orienting properties of a titanium oxide nanostructure may allow for drastically faster charging electronic devices.


HP, Dell Shine in Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics

Some consumer electronics manufacturers have cleaned up their act, Greenpeace says.

Supply of Critical Rare-earth Elements About to Expand

There are rare-earth elements in your computer, digital camera, television, smartphone, in the batteries of hybrid vehicles, and in long-lasting lightbulbs.

How CIOs Can Help Curb E-Waste

Many have seen it: that picture of a small child playing in a heap of discarded metal scraps and wires in a Third World country. Images such as these have raised awareness about a fact of life in the computer era that's tainting corporate brands and creating a huge environmental problem: electronic waste.

Microsoft Strong-Arms Hardware Makers into Social Responsibility

Microsoft appeases shareholder activists by pressuring suppliers to be ethical and green, but environmental watchdogs question the tactic's effectiveness.

Turn a PC Off or Leave It On?

Atrrocket asked if it's best to shut off a PC every night or leave it on

Green Tool from AT&T Helps Companies Add Up Savings

AT&T has rolled out a new Website to calculate how much your business can save by opting for cloud software over business travel.

Top 8 Ways Feds (and Corporate Users) Can Take Advantage of Green IT

How does the federal government go about implementing green IT?

Google, Data Centers Using Less Power Than Expected

Data centers have been using less electricity than you think ... or at least, than they have in the past.