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Easily switch between two power schemes with this lightweight utility.

Intel Adds Sensors to Aid Data Center Cooling

Intel is adding new sensors to its server chips to help companies improve the efficiency of data center cooling systems.

Your Cable Box Is An Extreme Energy Hog

A new study estimates that U.S. consumers spent $2 billion a year to power set-top boxes that are sitting idle.


Tiny Linux Plug PC Offers a Cloud Computing Alternative

Based on an embedded Marvell Sheeva 1.2 GHz CPU, the MimoPlug is a new, low-power contender.

Microsoft Research Virtualizes Idle Desktops to Save Power

Finding that people do not use "stand-by" and "hibernate" when going away from their PCs, for fear of disrupting running network connections and background...

IT Workers Need Green Skills, Says BCS

IT professionals need new skills to deliver green IT solutions, says an industry training group.

11 Cutting-Edge Car Tech Innovations

Automotive technology is reaching MENSA status with these high-tech upgrades for your vehicle.

Cell Phones May Cause Cancer, Says the WHO. What to Do?

7 tips for reducing exposure to cell phone radiation.

Make An Arduino Board Oscilloscope

Got an Arduino board laying around? Make your own oscilloscope in only four steps. It might be the geekiest DIY project ever.


The Green IT Movement Has Lost the Plot

E-waste is a serious problem for IT, but energy is getting all the attention. It's time to turn that around.