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Intel’s 3D CPUs: Watch for Powerful, Low-Power Mobile Devices

Intel says its new transistor design is the biggest development in the history of the semiconductor industry since the invention of the transistor over five decades ago.

Samsung Replenish Review: A Smarter Green Phone

While you might feel like a better person for buying an eco-friendly phone, the Replenish's specs and features are largely underwhelming.


Cisco Jumps Into Portable Data Center Market

Cisco Systems launched its first containerized data center on Monday, coming late to the party but offering some unique management features.

Genetically Modified Virus Improves Solar Cell Efficiency With Carbon Nanotubes

Using a virus, MIT researchers were able to self-assemble carbon nanotubes to improve the electron collection of solar cells.


Facebook's 'Green' Data Center Design to Have Ripple Effect

Facebook's innovative new data center design is believed to be one of the world's most energy-efficient facilities of its kind.

How to Cut Small-Business Operating Costs

Running a business doesn’t have to mean giving the world free access to your wallet. Here are seven ways you can start saving money for your small business today.

Despite Improvements, Data in the Cloud Remains Dirty

Facebook and other giant providers of online services lean too heavily on coal power, according to a Greenpeace report.

Nine Green Apps That Can Save You Cash

Want to help the Earth and your budget at the same time? These money-saving, eco-minded apps are built to do both.

Apple is the Worst Environmental Offender in Tech, Says Greenpeace

Greenpeace slams Apple over cloud computing facility claiming the company is the worst environmental offender in tech.


Greenpeace Chides Apple for 'Dirty Data'

Apple's new $1 billion data center in North Carolina is a power hog, the environmental group charges.