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Feds to Use IT Buying Power to Push Green

The U.S. government has been urging green IT practices in its operations, consolidating data centers and offering telecommuting. Now it wants to go a step further.

World Tech Update: Microsoft MIX, Japan, and Kinect

Let's look at Microsoft's MIX Conference, innovative uses for the Kinect UI, tech being used in Fukushima, and a power-generating sidewalk.


Facebook Shares Green Data Center Designs But Keeps x86

Facebook has ‘open sourced’ the design for its energy-efficient data centers but has yet to switch to low-powered mobile tech chips, as has been suggested.

Facebook Goes Green with Data Center Revamps

The data centers are the home of Facebook's most valuable asset, your personal information.

New Tech Turns Plastic Back Into Crude: A Hope For Electronic Plastics Disposal?

A new processing technique can turn hydrocarbon-based plastics back into crude oil for reprocessing or distillation.


Home-Built Cellphone Cooler Reduces Degradation of Battery Life

This homemade gadget keeps cell phone batteries cool, extending their lifespan in the process.


Eight Radical Ways to Cut Data Center Power Costs

One or more of these wild-eyed approaches could save you a lot of money -- and not cost you much.

Microsoft: Run IE9 for Long-lasting Laptop Battery

Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) is the most power-efficient browser on the planet, Microsoft claimed this week.

How Green Are Mobile Phone Companies? IDC Research Explores

IDC's Stephen Drake released some research on the sustainability of mobile operators.

Common Cell Phone Power Supply Port Coming, Says CTIA Chief

All U.S. cell phones will have a common USB interface by the start of 2012, CTIA Chairman Dan Hesse told a CTIA audience Tuesday.