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ARM Servers Are Coming, But Won't Be Cheap

A variety of ARM-based server chips are on their way, but all signs show that they’re going to end-up in niche, high-end hardware.

HP Expands Energy and Carbon Monitoring Services

Hewlett-Packard on Thursday announced a new portfolio of services to determine and implement ways to cut energy costs and carbon emissions across organizations.

Scientists Create Tiny Computer for Monitoring

University of Michigan researchers last month announced that they have created a millimeter-scale computing system that covers the letter N on a penny.

The Light Bulb Becomes an IT Appliance

Networks of LED lights will become one part of computerized building systems that use sensors and chips to reduce energy consumption, says an IDC analyst.

3 Good Reasons To Buy an Open-PC

If a completely open-source computer that 'just works' sounds good to you, this prepackaged machine could be just what you're looking for.

Samsung Pushes 'Green' Memory

Analysis: Samsung shows off its 30nm Green DDR3 2 gigabit (Gb) and 4Gb memory.

IBM Sees Huge Opportunity for Emerging Environmental Business

IBM is hoping to take advantage of the demand for energy efficiency with new systems and services targeted at a variety of industries.

The Future of Server Computing Is Low Power

An innovative server from a Silicon Valley startup uses cell phone chips to produce a low-power server.

House Transforms Like Megatron into Houseatron

A new sliding house is the latest in architectural design; makes Optimus Prime jealous.


Researchers Create Computer That Fits on a Pen Tip

Researchers at the University of Michigan have created a micro-computer that will first be used in medical applications.