Don't-Miss Stories

Why Gadget Lights Are Dangerous

When I turn off my bedroom light at night, the room is still lit up like the bridge of the Starship Enterprise.

Intel Knowingly Sells Faulty Chipsets. Are They Crazy?

Intel is selling the flawed chipsets for its latest processors to vendors, although with conditions attached.

Texas Instruments Forks Lightning With New Tablet Processor

Texas Instrument's new OMAP 5 series of chips offer astonishing performance and may well revolutionize tablet computing.

United States Commissions Beefy IBM Supercomputer

IBM will build a 10 petaflop machine for the U.S. Energy Department's Argonne National Laboratory.

Alcatel-Lucent Plans Smaller Cells for Mobile Networks

Alcatel-Lucent's next-generation mobile networks will use slimmed-down base stations that can be placed almost anywhere in order to improve coverage and mobile...

Wireless Charging Powers Forward for Mobile Devices

Wireless Charging Mats Offer On-the-Go Power Wireless Charging Powers Forward: Here Come Inductive Chargers

Advanced Antennas, Virtual Modems to Make Networks Greener

The GreenTouch Consortium demonstrated its work Tuesday into how using large-scale antenna systems and virtual modems, along with splitting mobile networks into...

Seagate: Solid-State Disks Are Doomed (At Least For Now)

Seagate says solid-state disks are unlikely to go mainstream in the near future due to a shortage of chips.

Personal Femtocell to Cut Roaming Costs on iPhone, Android

Femtocell maker Ubiquisys has developed a new type of small base station for 3G mobile phones that it calls an attocell.

Energy Efficiency Is No Longer an Afterthought

Energy efficient technologies are becoming the norm, and businesses are finding that "green IT" helps the environment and the bottom line.