Don't-Miss Stories

Gadgets: Built to Not Last

That shiny new Android phone you just bought? Yeah, it's a piece of trash. No, I'm not some Google-hating Apple fanboy. The iPhone 4 is junk, too.

15 Hot Solar-Powered Gadgets

Electronics don't have to be powered by a plug--check out these sun-powered gadgets.

Apple Criticized by Chinese Environmental Groups

Apple has come under fire in China, accused of not doing enough to ensure environmental and safety standards in its supply chain.

Bloom Energy Starts To Deliver On the Fuel Cell Hype

Bloom Energy announced today a new program that sells electricity created by their fuel cells, rather than the fuel cells themselves.

Consumers in Asia Willing to Pay More for Green Products

Businesses in Asia are underestimating customer awareness and demand for green products, according to a survey.

Apple Granted Solar-power Patent

A patent for solar-powered, portable devices has been granted to Apple which the company has seemingly attempted to keep as low-key as possible.

Rep. Giffords Made Tech Her Top Issue

Since her election to Congress in 2007, U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords has quickly established herself as an emerging leader on tech issues, and she led by...

The House of Marley Launches Eco-Conscious Sound Line

Bob Marley wants you to go green with his new line of headphones and docks.


Able Planet Tower of Power

This monster sound system won't use up a monstrous amount of energy.


Dreaming of an Open-Source CES 2012

Linux and other free software may have played a bigger role this year than ever before at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show, but next year could be even better.