Don't-Miss Stories

Green Plug Debuts Tech For Smart, Sleek Power Supplies

The Green Power Processor would eliminate 'wall wart' power supplies and help electronics use energy more intelligently.

VIA Goes Dual-Core With the Nano X2 Chip

VIA brings its first dual-core chip to the market. Although it's easily outflanked by Intel and AMD offerings, business users may find much to admire in the Nano X2.

Compact Solar Charger Gives Mobile Workers Flexibility

Goal Zero’s lightweight and inexpensive Guide 10 Adventure Kit is built to enable users to power their mobile devices anywhere.

Samsung Shows Off 2-Sided Edge-lit LED Display

Samsung's 2-sided edge-lit TV is eco-friendly in both power usage and design.


U.S. Rare Earth Mine Resumes Active Mining

A major U.S. mine for rare earth metals has gone back into operation, adding a much needed source to offset China's control of the unique group of materials...

Advanced Energy Research Projects Are Hot

Millions of dollars were laid out this year for all manner of energy research--from new biofuels and wind projects to better batteries and smartgrid programs.

Standby PCs Waste Energy During Holidays

An energy measurement firm urges workers to turn off tech gear for a green Christmas.

IT Producers Must Manage E-waste, Says Computer Aid

A report from Computer Aid International calls for IT manufacturers to take full responsibility for the environmental cost of their products.

Top 10 Ubuntu Ideas Offer Hint at What's to Come

In its first quarterly look at the top community suggestions, the Ubuntu Technical Board responds with updates and feedback.

Misconceptions Plague the Green Machine

Green IT has been given no shortage of attention in past years, but mostly for the sake of saving money rather than the planet.