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android malware

Watch for mobile malware and targeted attacks, McAfee warns

The latest McAfee Threats Report illustrates increasing threat of mobile malware, especially those targeting Android devices.

Zendesk security breach affects Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest users

A security breach at Zendesk, a popular customer service provider, resulted in hackers obtaining support information sent to a trio of social networks. How bad is the damage?


China's Defense Ministry calls accusations of state-sponsored hacking groundless

China's Ministry of National Defense on Wednesday refuted the accusations that the nation's military supports cyberespionage, and said a recent security report backing the claims used scientifically flawed evidence.

New report says cyberspying group linked to China's army

A new report traces a large cybersecurity threat group to China's People's Liberation Army, specifically an unit that goes under the cover name "Unit 61398".

Apple confirms cyber attack, releases Java update and malware removal tool

Apple confirmed to Reuters on Tuesday that some of its employees were victims of cyber attacks.


Cyberattack threatens most businesses, Deloitte survey says

Many enterprises around the world think they are prepared for cyber attacks but the reality is that any organization is at risk of a security breach, consulting firm Deloitte has warned.

Obama live stream unaffected despite Anonymous threats

Anonymous failed to disrupt the White House's online video stream of President Barack Obama's State of the Union address on Tuesday night.


Anonymous threatens takedown of live streams of State of the Union address

If you have trouble live-streaming President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address Tuesday night, blame hacker collective Anonymous. The group threatens to take down live streams of the address to protest “irresponsible and damaging” Internet-related legislation.


Security firm Bit9 says hackers attacked it and a few clients

Security vendor Bit9 promised to release limited details of a hack caused by a failure of the company to install the same security software on its own network that it sells to a handful of Fortune 500 companies.

Bush family email hacked: Here's a security refresher

A hacker named Guccifer broke into several of the Bush family email accounts and spilled their contents online. Here are some security tips and reminders to keep the same from happening to you.