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Security researchers describe SMS malware markets

An investigation by mobile security vendor Lookout warns that malware is being transformed into a large-scale, sophisticated software business, complete with customer support.



Password thieves target blogs, content management sites

Hackers are increasingly turning to brute force attacks aimed at snaring credentials.

Security team pries open secrets of Chinese hacker gang

A Chinese hacker gang whose malware targeted RSA in 2011 infiltrated more than 100 companies and organizations, and even probed a major teleconference developer to find new ways to spy on corporations.

Will Smith, Defcon

Will Smith makes unexpected appearance at Defcon hacker conference

Actor Will Smith captured the attention of Defcon attendees when he showed up unexpectedly at the hacker conference on Sunday apparently to do research for an upcoming movie.

defcon car hack

Defcon researchers reveal tricks behind their car hack

Two security researchers at Defcon revealed the methods they used to hack into car computers and take over the steering, acceleration, brakes, and other important functions.

Hacker symposium showcases unsettling simple ways to bypass home security systems

Many door and window sensors, motion detectors and keypads that are part of security systems used in millions of homes and businesses can be bypassed by using relatively simple techniques, according to researchers from security consultancy firm Bishop Fox.


Apple restores developer site taken offline after attack

Apple has restored key sections of its developer website, including the download center, more than a week after it took the portal offline.


Radio Waves

Study finds that hackers can attack oil, gas field sensors with radio transmitters

Sensors widely used in the energy industry to monitor industrial processes are vulnerable to attack from 40 miles away using radio transmitters, according to alarming new research.

Legal ruling

Five indicted in massive hacking scheme

Five men from Russia and Ukraine have been indicted in New Jersey for charges they conspired with each other in a worldwide hacking scheme targeting major corporate networks, including Nasdaq and 7-Eleven, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.


Syrian Electronic Army hacks into Viber support website

The hacker group calling itself the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) broke into the customer support website for Viber, an instant messaging and Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) application available for both mobile and desktop operating systems.