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Swartz suicide shines light on Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

Federal anti-hacking law is applied too broadly in alleged data theft cases, critics say

Aaron Swartz

MIT considers its role in hactivist Swartz's suicide

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is conducting an inquiry into its role in the legal struggles that are believed to have lead to the suicide Friday of Internet activist Aaron Swartz.


Dutch government aims to shape ethical hackers' disclosure practices

Dutch government aims to shape ethical hackers' disclosure practices by publishing guidelines encouraging bug-finders to disclose security vulnerabilities in a responsible way.

Hactivist group Team Ghostshell takes credit for extensive breach

The group claims to have stolen information from the Department of Homeland Security Information Network, the Federal Reserve and Interpol

Anonymous said to be planning cyberattack on ITU site

Discussions in chat rooms used by Anonymous indicate members will attack the International Telecommunications Union's site on Dec. 8


Hacktivism draws attention, but little action

The latest break-in at the International Atomic Energy Agency demonstrates that the public still doesn't buy criminal acts in support of "good causes."


Symantec, PayPal, ImageShack targeted in hactivist attacks

Different hacker groups claim to have breached servers belonging to ImageShack, Symantec, PayPal, and other organizations.


Hide your secrets: Anonymous wants to launch a WikiLeaks competitor

Disillusioned by WikiLeaks, international hacker group Anonymous has decided to take matter into their own hands and launch TYLER.