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moto360 1 handson

Hands-on with the Moto 360 and Samsung Gear Live

It's basically just a slimmed down version of Android for your wrist.

galaxytabs 8684

Hands-on: The Galaxy Tab S is the tablet Samsung should have debuted long ago

"Thin" and "light" are becoming cliches, but two adjectives have never been more appropriate to describe a premium tablet.

lgg3 7303

Hands-on with the LG G3: Simplicity is key

Or at least, that's what the company wants you think when you glance over at its new 5.5-inch, KitKat-powered Android flagship.



Hands-on: Motorola goes even lower-end with the adorable Moto E

Motorola's entry-level smartphone that makes us wish we could tolerate barebones performance and features just for its cuteness alone.


oneplusone 7230

OnePlus One hands-on: Customize the Cyanogen uber-phone to your heart's desire

It's big. It's thin. And you can tweak every nook and cranny.


Nvidia Shield PC game streaming

Nvidia Shield's 'GameStream' PC streaming is a tantalizing taste of the future

Nvidia's superb Shield handheld lets you play your PC games anywhere in your house - with a few caveats.

Nokia’s Lumia 1520 is bigger than your average Windows Phone

You'll get distracted by its big size before noticing its thin chassis, stellar camera, and 1080p screen.


Hands on with Mailbird, a fast, slick, Sparrow-inspired email client for Windows

Mailbird mimics the uber-popular (and now defunct) Sparrow OS X app right down to its name, but is this beta client ready for email prime time?

Hands on with Chromebook Pixel: Google goes after the MacBook

With a Retina-class display and top-of-class build quality, the Chromebook Pixel is Google's answer to Apple's vaunted MacBook. But does the laptop's usefulness match its sky-high price tag?

Droid Razr M Review: Great specs at a great price

After spending some time with the newly announced Droid Razr M, Armando Rodriguez finds it to be a top notch Android smartphone and the best phone around for budget-minded buyers.