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Smaller, smarter ,and glitzier, Aliph's new series of Jawbone Bluetooth headsets aim to combine good looks with a customizable, voice-driven interface.


Sound Blaster World of Warcraft Wireless Headset: Not Just for WoW Fans

Creative’s new themed headset is one of the best gaming headsets we’ve ever used.


Now Hear This: Apple Wins Appeal in iPod Hearing Loss Lawsuit

A federal appeals court has slapped down a class-action lawsuit that suggested Apple's to blame for "possible hearing loss" caused by iPod use.


Terrific Tech Gifts for $200 or Less

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Sony Ericsson Unveils Motion-Activated Headphones

Remove the buds to control the music and phone -- but there's a catch.


Lady Gaga Launches New Headphones

Music star Lady Gaga brought some glamor to the IFA electronics fair in Berlin when she launched a series of new headphones.


Zap! Apple Earbuds Could Shock You

Apple is warning users of its popular earbuds that the headphones could emit small electric shocks under some circumstances.


Samsung's New SmartPhone Makes a Great Impression

The Samsung Impression sports a fantastic display--the first commercially available Active-Matrix OLED screen.

Aliph's Jawbone Prime Bluetooth Headset is a Solid Upgrade

The new Aliph Jawbone Prime Bluetooth headset does an especially fine job of background noise cancellation.