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Microsoft updates calendar with Metro look, greater connectivity

Microsoft is rolling out a new calendar for starting today, sporting the new Metro look and a raft of improvements to the seriously outdated prior version.

Microsoft blames Outlook, Hotmail outage on overheated servers, apologizes

Microsoft says an outage that left and Hotmail users without access to emails for almost 16 hours this week was due to overheating servers in the data center.

Microsoft fixes Hotmail, glitches that caused outage

Microsoft has fixed a problem that caused an outage for many users of Hotmail and the service that is replacing it, Maintenance work continued to affect the calendaring component of Hotmail, however.

Who's 'Scroogled' now? Hotmail, out for 15 hours

Microsoft Wednesday said it restored full service to Hotmail and about 15 hours after the online mail sites went partially dark.

Microsoft has access issues with Hotmail, Outlook, SkyDrive services

Microsoft experienced disruptions for several hours to its online suite of mail, calendar and storage services, leaving many users unable to access their accounts.

Microsoft winds down its anti-Google ad campaign

Microsoft is ending its "Scroogled" advertising takedown of Google's privacy practices, citing a successful petition and continued Web presence at

Microsoft steps up 'Scroogle' campaign against Google with advocacy twist

As Microsoft pushed out of preview mode today, analysts said the company's "Scroogled" attack ads, which fired shots at Google's Gmail two weeks ago, were effective.

Is 'Windows Blue' a set of coordinated updates for all Microsoft products?

Reports say that the Blue project will release Microsoft's flagship operating system from its stale two-year to three-year upgrade cycle.

How to move from Hotmail to

Hotmail is no more. But don't worry -- it's an easy matter to migrate your old account to spiffy new digs.