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Phone makers roll their own operating systems as Google and Microsoft close ranks

As Microsoft and Google snatch up Nokia and Motorola to create integrated, iPhone-like hardware/software experiences, hardware makers like HTC and Samsung scramble to create safe havens.


New HTC Desire 300 and 601 offer big power, low price

Smart phone leader HTC is expanding its device lineup in time for IFA 2013.

Microsoft explains the Nokia deal: The phone is key to everything

What a difference a few years makes: In a slide deck explaining the deal, Microsoft explains the domino effect that begins with phones.

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HTC tricks out some phones with Fetch and Mini+ accessories

The Fetch will help you find a phone you left behind; the Mini+ will let you talk with your phone without holding it to your ear. But the gadgets don't work with all HTC phones.


Moto X with Moto Maker hits AT&T on August 23

Motorola's Moto X smartphone finally gets a release date.


Verizon to finally get the HTC One on August 22

The price? $200 with a two-year contract.



Review: The HTC 8XT is better than the (original) iPhone

The 8XT is an inferior Windows Phone 8X. Even the most hard-core Windows Phone fan should stay away from it.

China investigating IT suppliers linked with Apple for polluting rivers

Local authorities in China are investigating two electronics suppliers linked with Apple and also reportedly HTC of dumping heavy metals in the country's rivers after watchdog groups accused them of damaging the environment.


HTC lays plans to make more money by selling crappier phones

HTC plans to introduce a series of mid-tier and entry-level smartphones later this year as a way to regain market share, after posting disappointing financial results in the second quarter.



The HTC One mini is a shrunk-down HTC One, inside and out

The HTC One mini fits easier in the palm of your hand than its predecessor, but it doesn't pack quite as much punch.