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Facebook addresses concerns of how Home affects privacy

Facebook has posted a Q&A on its website about the privacy implications of its new Facebook Home software for Android phones, though it was unclear if it has addressed all the concerns raised.

Will more smartphones support Facebook Home?

The HTC First smartphone will have native support for Facebook Home when it ships on AT&T April 12. Some analysts wonder how soon -- or whether -- native support for the app will be added to more smartphones.


Facebook's Home software unveiled in phones

Facebook's new launcher for Android, simply called Home, brings your social life to the forefront of your phone. It will roll out April 12, with the launch of the HTC First smartphone.

Facebook's Home launcher for Android creates 'Facebook Phone'

Facebook's new Home launcher for Android is available April 12 as a software download from Google Play. HTC will intro the first phone to include Home, the $100 HTC First, on April 12 as well.


AT&T announces $200 HTC One pre-orders to begin this week

AT&T is the first carrier to announce specifics for the plus-sized, aluminum-clad HTC One.


Facebook Phone

Facebook probably won't make its own phone, but it may want to remake your OS

Facebook's rumored mobile release will integrate the network into your Android phone in unprecedented ways.


HTC One's U.S. smartphone launch delayed until 'end of April'

HTC announced Friday that its well-received HTC One smartphone won't go on sale in the U.S. until sometime "before the end of April," according to an emailed statement.



Nokia wins German patent injunction against HTC over power-saving technology

Nokia has won an injunction against the sale in Germany of some HTC handsets that infringe on a power-saving technology for mobile phones.


HTC One smartphone may be Verizon-bound, unlocked version coming

Rumors say that the HTC One is headed to Verizon, and HTC confirmed that an unlocked version is coming for developers.

HTC One release pushed to April, risks conflict with Galaxy S4 launch

HTC's new One smartphone will arrive later than expected, and could lose any time-to-market advantage over Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S4 handset.


Hands on with the HTC One

We go hands on with HTC's latest flagship phone to see if it's hip or all hype.