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IBM Expands Cloud Disaster Recovery Services

IBM on Monday announced two cloud-based disaster recovery services for businesses: the IBM SmartCloud Virtualized Server Recovery and the IBM SmartCloud Archive.

IBM at 100: How Big Blue Helped Redefine Corporate Architecture

Initiated by IBM President Thomas Watson Jr., Big Blue's building boom cemented the company's role as a leading patron of modern design and architecture.

IBM: Highlights Of 100 Years

As IBM celebrates its 100th birthday this month, we take a look back at some of the major moments in the company's history.

iPad 3 Rumors, IBM Turns 100, Coffee, and Volvos

In this week's World Tech Update: iPad 3 rumors, IBM's 100th anniversary, Starbucks' new Android app, Google's well-paid employees, Volvos that automatically avoid animals, and much more.


IBM Turns 100: Some Perspective

IBM celebrates its 100th birthday this week. In tech years, by our estimation, that makes the company approximately 4,976 years old.

100 Years of IBM: Milestones

From punch cards to the Selectric to the ThinkPad, IBM has been a driving force in technology for a century.

Happy 100th Birthday, IBM!

IBM will celebrate its centennial anniversary this week by having up to 400,000 employees worldwide skip the usual office work in order to donate time to...

IBM Rolls out Free Cloud Software Development Tool

IBM this week announced a cloud-based collaborative software development tool that's being offered free to students but is expected to become a commercial service at some point.

External Disk Storage Shipments Increase 46% in Q1

Sales of external disk storage systems continue to boom with a fifth consecutive quarter of double-digit revenue gains, according to market research firm IDC.

Top 10 Songs About (or to) Computers

As computers have become an integral part of life over the past 50 years, many a musician has burst forth in song about them. We track down the best efforts.