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Watson Teaches 'Big Analytics'

Analysis: IBM's Watson impressed on "Jeopardy," but also impressive was how Watson's creators attacked an avalanche of information to come out victorious.

IBM Reports Solid Quarter, Raises Full-year Guidance

IBM on Tuesday reported quarterly sales growth across all its major divisions and raised its earnings outlook for the full year.

IBM's Watson Not as Smart as You Think

While IBM's supercomputer may have demonstrated the latest in artificial intelligence, it's not self-aware or capable of intelligent conversation.


SugarCRM Buys Lotus Notes Tools, Cozies up to IBM

SugarCRM acquires vendor of customer relationship management software for IBM Lotus Notes, and adds social CRM features for iPad and other devices

Apotheker's Battle Plan for Apple, IBM, the World

The world of new Hewlett-Packard CEO Leo Apotheker is a lot more complicated than the one imagined by his predecessors.

The 20 Strangest Celebrity Tech Endorsements

When it comes to marketing, few tactics are as tried and true as the celebrity endorsement. But what were these companies thinking?


IBM Sees Huge Opportunity for Emerging Environmental Business

IBM is hoping to take advantage of the demand for energy efficiency with new systems and services targeted at a variety of industries.

Can Anyone Afford an IBM Watson Supercomputer? (Yes)

While Watson certainly impressed the nation with its sweeping victory on the game show Jeopardy last week, you may be surprised at the affordability of its technology.

Watson Beats Jeopardy's Best: What's Next?

Analysis: Watson and its successors may usher in a new approach to computing, as it contains many disparate techniques to create a "thinking" machine.

Jennings Explains Jeopardy Loss to Watson

And 'Know Your Meme' explains his comment in Final Jeopardy