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'Jeopardy!' Victory Lands Watson a Health Care Job

IBM's Watson has parlayed its overwhelming victory in this week's "Jeopardy!" challenge into a job developing smart applications for the health care industry.

IBM Watson Team Takes Your Questions

IBM's Watson, the newly crowned Jeopardy champ, is now fielding your toughest questions at

Jennings Explains Jeopardy Loss to Watson

The former Jeopardy champ said the computer's techniques for unraveling clues sounded just like his.

IBM's Watson Could Usher New Era in Medicine

The game-show playing supercomputer Watson is expected to do much more than make a name for itself on Jeopardy.

IBM Watson Wins Jeopardy, Humans Rally Back

IBM's Watson is the new all-time Jeopardy champ. Are humans now in jeopardy?

IBM Watson Vanquishes Human Jeopardy Foes

IBM's Watson computer has finished a three-night run against human contestants on the Jeopardy game show

IBM's Watson Dominates Jeopardy Competition on Day 2

Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter were no match for the supercomputer, as Watson ended the night with $35,734, followed by Rutter at $10,400 and Jennings at $4,800.

The Ultimate in Man v. Machine Moments

As IBM’s Watson steps into the Jeopardy! ring it takes a lot of history with it.

IBM's Watson Ties for Jeopardy Lead, Victory Not Certain

In the battle of man versus machine can IBM's Watson outwit Jeopardy's best players? Round one ends in a tie.

IBM Watson's Ancestors: A Look at Supercomputers of the Past

This week's non-human Jeopardy contestant comes to the stage thanks to the work of many mechanical siblings (plus the humans who designed them, after all).