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Jeopardy Champs Take On IBM's Watson Computer

Do the best 'Jeopardy' players in the world have any chance of beating IBM's Watson super computer? We're about to find out.

United States Commissions Beefy IBM Supercomputer

IBM will build a 10 petaflop machine for the U.S. Energy Department's Argonne National Laboratory.

IBM to Build Asia's Largest Cloud Computing Center

IBM and the China-based Range Technology will build a cloud computing data center near Beijing that the companies claim will be Asia's largest by floor space.

IBM Rolls out Virtual Desktop Offering

Through its partner program, IBM unveils a virtual desktop offering for small businesses

IBM Supercomputer Wins First Jeopardy Dust-Up

IBM Friday pit its Watson supercomputer against past champions in the game of Jeopardy

IBM's Supercomputer 'Watson' Wins Jeopardy Practice Round

Big Blue's supercomputer named Watson shows promise in early rounds of Jeopardy playing against humans.

Holograms on Cell Phones Due in 5 Years, IBM Says

IBM's annual "Five in Five" List predicts innovations IBM expects to soon surface.


The New Future: Is It Innovation, Intrusion, or Just Plain Eerie?

IBM's vision of the future gives me pause and reminds me that progress is a mixed bag


Advanced Energy Research Projects Are Hot

Millions of dollars were laid out this year for all manner of energy research--from new biofuels and wind projects to better batteries and smartgrid programs.

Windows 8 Tablet Rumors, A Look at Chrome OS, and YouTube's Top 10

Time Magazine names its Person of the Year, we have a hands on with Google Chrome OS, rumors swirl about a Windows 8 tablet, the founder of Wikileaks makes bail, and YouTube publishes its list of the top ten videos of 2010.