Don't-Miss Stories

IBM to Buy AT&T's Sterling Commerce for $1.4B

Purchase of Sterling Commerce will push IBM further toward becoming one-stop for everything.

Blade Server Review: Dell, HP, IBM Battle for the Virtual Data Center

Testing the Intel Westmere-packing Dell PowerEdge M1000e, HP BladeSystem c7000, and IBM BladeCenter H blade server systems

Did IBM Give Up on Open Source?

The fight between Big Blue and TurboHercules has gotten ugly -- but there may not be a villain in this story.

To Build a Better Bobsled

A golden opportunity? How supercomputers helped build a faster bobsled for the 2010 U.S. Olympic Team

IBM Intros Notes Apps for BlackBerry, iPhone, Android

IBM is getting deeper into mobile applications, including collaboration and secure e-mail. BlackBerry is Big Blue's top platform, but Apple and Android win, too.

Ye Olde Vintage Computer Gift Guide

Got a nostalgic geek on your holiday shopping list? Check out this list of classic PCs and other tech paraphernalia, many available for $10 or less.

IBM and AT&T Unveil Cloud Computing Services

The Internet just got a bit more overcast with the addition of two more clouds. Both IBM and AT&T announced new services to join Microsoft, Amazon, and Google in establishing a cloud computing services.

Two Rival Supercomputers Duke It out for Top Spot

The top two systems on June's list of the Top 500 supercomputers swapped places on the latest list, released Monday.

Funny Money: Rule Change Makes Apple Revenue Appear Larger

It's not new money, just money that's no longer being deferred.

IBM: Forget Office, Join the Symphony Family

Microsoft Office isn't the only productivity suite, IBM reminds the world, playing up its Symphony.