Don't-Miss Stories

IBM Remote Control Lets Users Blog About Favorite TV Shows

IBM said it was issued a patent for a new technology that allows television viewers to blog and post updates on social networking pages using a television remote.

IBM Zooms Into Molecule for Power-efficient Chip Research

IBM on Thursday said it had imaged the surface of a molecule, which could ultimately lead to the construction of cheaper, more power-efficient chips.


The 10 Stupidest Tech Company Blunders

'This iPod thing will never catch on'--and 9 more unbelievable (in hindsight) missed tech opportunities.


IBM Blurs the Line Between Reality and Sci-Fi With DNA Chips

IBM is blurring the boundary between reality and science fiction and attempting to transcend current manufacturing methods by creating self-assembling chips on a skeleton of DNA.

IBM Scientists Build Computer Chips From DNA

IBM has published a paper in which DNA nanotechnology strands help make faster and more power-efficient chips.


Tips for More Efficient Collaboration

IBM launches a "Smart Work" program with tools to promote easier collaboration from near and far.

Deal Allows IBM to Resell Juniper Switches, Routers

Juniper and IBM sign a deal that allows IBM to resell Juniper Ethernet switches and routers.

IBM Does Virtual Meetings in 3D

IBM/Lotus has released a 3D virtual environment conferencing service complete with avatars and whiteboards as part of its Sametime collaboration software.

DRAM's Inventor Honored for Contribution

DRAM's Inventor, 76, Still Going Strong at IBM

IBM, Microsoft Spat Over Office File Formats

IBM contends Microsoft's implementation of the standard corrupts documents created by other applications.