Don't-Miss Stories

Extreme BYOD: When Consumer Tech Goes to Unexpected Places

Your laptop will get less spacesick than you.

Computing Fossils: Old Tech Holds on for Dear Life

Many obsolete technologies persist from less ancient times to today. A brief tour through these technological fossils offers a lesson on the durability of items we may consider ephemeral.

Researchers Use Diamonds to Boost Computer Memory

IBM and others are already developing solid-state chip technology using phase-change memory, which IBM says can sustain up to 5 million write cycles.


IBM Moves 1Tbps of Data on an Optical Chip

IBM researchers have developed a prototype optical chip that can transfer data at 1Tbps (terabit per second).

IBM's Molecular Images May Help Nanoscale Circuits

IBM researchers for the first time have succeeded in imaging how charge is distributed inside a single molecule, which is a fundamental research breakthrough.

Coming Soon: An 'IBM Edition' of Apache OpenOffice

Lotus Symphony 3.0.1, launched last week, marks the end of the line before IBM shifts its focus to OpenOffice instead.

IBM Quarterly Results Show Modest Gains

UPDATE: Fiscal 2011 came to a close with modest gains in both revenue and net income, the company reported.

CES Sets New Records Despite Doomsayers

Obits for the big trade show appear to be premature, with volume of attendance and exhibit space both breaking records in 2012.


IBM Wins Most Patents for 19th Straight Year

IBM retained its patent crown for 2011, topping the list of U.S. patent winners for the 19th year. The only other U.S. company to make the top 10 is Microsoft.

IBM's Watson Shows up for Work at Cedars-Sinai's Cancer Center

The supercomputer that beat the Jeopardy champions is now helping develop applications that will assist doctors in diagnosing and prescribing cancer treatments.