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21 inch imac 2014

Lab Tested: New 21-inch 1.4GHz Core i5 iMac benchmarks

Macworld Lab takes a look at the new iMac Apple released earlier this week.


Apple introduces new, entry-level iMac

The 21.5-inch model comes with a 1.4GHz dual-core processor, and starts at just $1099.


Late 2013 iMac review: Faster than before, but the gains over previous models are modest

We reviewed the $1299 iMac when it was first available. We finally got our hands on the other three standard configurations of the new iMac.


iMac review: Modest gains for the new entry-level Haswell iMac

While the jump in performance isn't huge, the $1299 iMac is still a good bargain computer.


Rapid Review: 2013 Apple iMac

The new iMac isn't exciting, but it offers a very good performance for the price.

Bride of Frankenmac revisited: How our OS X PC compares against an iMac

Macworld Lab changed the components of its DIY Mac to match an iMac. Here are the test results.

Apple quietly extends 1TB iMac Seagate replacement program

If you have a 1TB iMac with a built-in Seagate drive, it may be eligible for replacement by Apple.


Mac Fans Watch for Ivy-Bridge Powered Systems

Intel hints that its new chips won't power MacBook Pros, but that might mean the next-gen CPUs will appear first in refreshed iMacs.

Lenovo Could Unseat iMac as Top All-in-One PC

Forecasters expect Apple to sell 3.8 million iMacs, while Lenovo sales could surpass 4 million all-in-one PCs in 2012.

Apple Preps for Meager Discounts on Black Friday

Apple's Black Friday offerings appear to a nonstarter for those seeking steep discounts on tech gear.


New iMac for Educational Institutions is Cheap--In More Ways Than One

Note: This model of the just-refreshed iMac is not for sale to individuals.