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New Apple iMacs Come With Choice: Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad

Although the new iMacs have fast processors, Thunderbold IO ports, and FaceTime HD cameras, the most interesting feature is the elevation of the Magic Trackpad.

Quad-Core iMacs with Thunderbolt, FaceTime Arrive

Apple's new desktops also feature the integration of the 'Sandy Bridge' processors from Intel and could be the first 'Lion-ready' systems.

Apple Mac Buying Guide

A Mac is just another personal computer but call it a "PC" and you'll get a lot of heat from Apple fans.

CES 2011 Gadget Preview

From fast new PC chips to 3D picture frames, here are 20-plus products that we'll be eager to see at CES 2011.

Touch-Screen iMacs: A Few Questions

Analysis: Apple may be testing touch input again; here's what we'd like to know.

Apple iMac May Add Touchscreen, But Beware the Gorilla Arm!

A touch-enabled iMac could change the desktop computer as we know it.

All-in-One PCs for Everyone

One-piece PCs have flooded the market this year, and they’re surprisingly good. We help you choose the right system for you.

Apple iMac Touch-Screen Patent: Brilliant Concept or Crazy Idea?

A January 2010 patent describes an iMac-like device that switches from OS X to iOS based on orientation -- a patent that poses more questions than it answers.

Apple Patent Filing Shows Touch-Enabled iMac, MacBook

The application moves Apple's touch technology to both desktop and notebook devices and might support iOS apps coming to Mac OSX.

Refreshed Magic Trackpad Joins New Mac Pro, iMacs

Apple upgrades its Mac Pro and iMacs, whiles introducing new Cinema Display and brand new Magic Trackpad device.