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Apple Patent Filing Shows Touch-Enabled iMac, MacBook

The application moves Apple's touch technology to both desktop and notebook devices and might support iOS apps coming to Mac OSX.

Refreshed Magic Trackpad Joins New Mac Pro, iMacs

Apple upgrades its Mac Pro and iMacs, whiles introducing new Cinema Display and brand new Magic Trackpad device.

Apple's Refreshed iMacs Tout Newest Intel CPUs

Apple dumps aging Core 2 Duo, drops Nvidia graphics from the line.

Apple Updates iMac, Mac Pro, and Display Lineup

Apple announces an update to its iMac, Mac Pro, and display lineup offering a mix of big new monitors, powerful new towers, and power-packed desktop.


iMac, Not iPad, Forecast to Drive Apple Sales This Year

Apple could account for 25 percent of the 2010 desktop market, researchers suggest.

Macworld Expo: HDMI for iMacs and a Pico Laser Projector

We look at a pico projector that uses a laser to create the image, and an HDMI adapter for iMacs.


Apple Dishes out Second Fix for IMac Screen Flickering

For the second time in six weeks, Apple has delivered a firmware fix designed to stop 27-in. iMac screens from flickering.

22-Inch Touchscreen iMac in the Works, Report Says

Apple tablets aside, touch features are showing up in a number of Apple products.


iMac Update a Failure -- New Displays Continue to Flicker

According to Apple's own support forum, owners of Apple's 27-in. iMac say the company's firmware update released earlier this week has not solved their flickering display problems.

Apple's iMacs Delayed, But Why?

Theories abound why Apple's iMac computers have been delayed