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Apple's New 27-inch iMac: The Mac to Have

Apple's lineup has been lacking a flagship Macintosh lately, but not anymore.

New Apple iMac is Jaw-Dropping Yet Incomplete

Beautiful as it is, the 27-inch iMac still lacks some important options that would make it the ultimate all-in-one PC.

Are Apple's New iMacs Ready for Your Living Room?

Apple's new iMacs are too pretty to hide in your home office, but are they right for your living room?


A Bevy of New Macs: More For Less, But No Major Surprises

Apple has rounded out its computer line with a bunch of new models that have better specs, upscale features, and the same prices.

Apple Overhauls iMac Line, with 21.5-, 27-inch Models

Apple's iMac line gets an update with new 212.5-inch and 27-inch models.

New iMacs and the Cheapening of Apple

Watch for sleek new iMacs for the budget-conscious soon -- with some other features we didn't expect from Apple.

Apple's Big Event: A Scorecard

Apple's hotly hyped 09/09/09 event has come and gone. Here's a scorecard of the predictions and how they compared with what actually went down.


Apple iMac (20 Inches, Aluminum) All-in-One Desktop PC

Terrific general performance, but basic graphics. iMac diehards might consider paying $300 extra for an entry-level 24-inch iMac.

All-in-One PCs With a Touch of Style

Power, good looks, cool touch interfaces: All-in-one PCs have come of age. Our exclusive lab testing picks the best of breed.

Apple iMac (24 Inches, Aluminum) All-in-One Desktop PC

Our top-performing all-in-one runs Windows and OS X, but lacks built-in extras such as a touchscreen, a Blu-ray drive, a media card reader, and a TV tuner.