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Facebook Boosts Revenue by 32 Percent in First Public Financial Report

UPDATE: In its first quarter as a publicly traded company, Facebook had revenues of $1.18 billion and lost $157 million, topping analysts' expectations slightly.

Women in IT: 'The System Is Broken,' Author Warns

Professional engineer, entrepreneur, and author Karen Purcell discusses the challenges facing women in science and technology.

Tech's Center of Gravity Shifts North to San Francisco

Fast-growing tech firms are shunning Silicon Valley for San Francisco to help them attract new talent

Microsoft Posts Loss, Slight Revenue Increase in Q4

UPDATE: Microsoft revenue rose slightly but the company posted a net loss for the quarter due to write-offs. But executives point to imminent updates and new products.

Motorola Boosts Google Revenue

UPDATE: Google reports a profit of $2.79 billion in the quarter ended June 30 and appears to be betting on expanding its foray into making devices.

Google Refutes Apple's Claim that Devices Can't be Built in US

The company's new Nexus Q is "Designed and Manufactured in the USA" according to the inscription on the device.


Microsoft Takes a Page from Apple's PR Book

Analysis: With its building for mystery announcements and glitzy unveilings, when it comes to hype, is Microsoft the new Apple?

Facebook Is Toast, Forrester CEO Says

Apple and Google will dominate the emerging digital economy while Facebook is "toast," declares the chief of the analyst firm at its European forum.

Facebook Moves to Consolidate IPO Lawsuits

Facebook has petitioned the U.S. courts to consolidate more than 30 lawsuits filed in connection with its ill-handled initial public offering.

Linus Torvalds Wins Joint Millennium Technology Prize

Linux creator earns top honor and 600,000 euros in recognition for the global importance of the free and open source operating system.