Don't-Miss Stories

Tech Movie Guide for 2012

The season technically kicks off this week, so check out the superheroes, vampires, secret agents and more that will invade movie theaters this summer.

Instagram: Bubble, Bubble, High Tech Trouble?

Shrewd business or a poke at a bubble -- Pundits are divided over the market meaning of Facebook's latest purchase.

Despite Denial, Apple Dictated E-Book Pricing at iBookstore

Apple's deal with e-book publishers contained a sweetheart clause to keep Apple's wares competitive.


ICANN Postpones Cutoff Date for New GTLD Applications After Glitch

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers has postponed the deadline for new generic top-level domains after detecting a technical issue with the software.

Games Get a Kickstart

Crowdsourcing site enables fans and friends to finance development of the next chapter of favorite but stalled games.

What to Make of the RIMplosion

Analysis: Earnings drop, corporate shakeup signal change for BlackBerry that could include licensing and other ventures.

Cook More Popular than Jobs at Apple

The current CEO draws a 97 percent approval rating among the troops, but the real test of leadership and vision lies ahead.

DARPA Director Goes to Google But Probes Continue

Regina Dugan takes a senior executive job at Google, but audits continue into potential conflicts of interest with contract awards during her DARPA tenure.

10 Questions for StillSecure CFO Larry Middle

StillSecure brings together security experts, certified processes, and technologies to take a holistic approach to its products and services.

JOBS Act Would Revive Dot-Com Abuses, Official Claims

Congress is considering a jobs-promotion bill that would also repeal consumer protections enacted after the Internet bubble burst.