Don't-Miss Stories

Zynga Files for IPO

It's been on the cards for a while now, but social game giant Zynga has finally made its initial public offering to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Skype Executives Depart After Microsoft Buyout

Eight Skype executives have departed the company following Microsoft's $8.5 billion buyout in May, a Skype spokeswoman confirmed on Monday.

A Bike that Hovers? Australian says he's Building it

An Australian inventor with a futuristic creative streak is building a bike that he says can fly at high speed while hovering above the ground at low altitudes.


Appleā€™s Spaceship Office Complex to Land in Cupertino

Apple's monument to itself, a new office building shaped like a spaceship, will likely land in Cupertino, Calif.


MySpace Shifts from 'Sale' to 'Partnership'

Analysis: Finding few prospective buyers, News Corp. is now shopping Myspace for partners.

No Nobel Prize in Computing: Why Not?

The most accomplished professionals in computing, telecommunications and information technology are overlooked by this prestigious award.

Apple's Hottest New Product: An Agenda

Apple releases the official conference app for WWDC on the iTunes App Store, serving attendees and onlookers alike.


Former NASDAQ Exec Used Wife's Online Account for Insider Trading

A former executive at NASDAQ has pleaded guilty to insider trading, allegedly using his wife's online brokerage account on his work computer.

Foxconn Indicted on Stage

"The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs" tells tales of Apple and of the Chinese workers behind its iGadgets.

Foxconn Plant Explosion: What You Need to Know

Some details are emerging about the fire, the casualties, and the workplace practices that may have contributed.