Don't-Miss Stories

Microsoft Research's Gesture-Controlled Projector Creates an Indoor Planetarium

Microsoft Research shows off its omnidirectional prototype projector that can be controlled by simple hand gestures.


Talk About Touch Interface: Turn Your Body into an Audio-Based Input Device

Skinput is a new concept that uses your forearm as an audio-based input device for a PC, cellphone or music player.

Macworld Expo 2010: Best of Show

The Macworld editors scoured the show floor to find the 11 products worthy of Best of Show. Here's a list of the winners.


OpenOffice Introduces Multi-Button Confusion With New Mouse

WarMouse introduced a new mouse that seems to be aimed specifically at incredibly dexterous OpenOffice users.


A Look at Apple's Multi-Touch Magic Mouse

Apple's newest input device, the Magic Mouse, connects through Bluetooth and recognizes multi-touch gestures.

12 Gadgets That Let You Ditch Power Cords, Wires, and Hassles

You can ditch the snake pit of power, audio, and video cords with these 12 gadgets.

These 12 Gadgets Let You Cut The Cord For Good

Cutting the cord has never been so easy with new devices that power-up on their own and allow you to ditch the speaker wire.


New Logitech Mice Work on Any Surface

These Logitech mice can go where no mouse has gone before.


PC World Podcast 37: Windows 7, Apple's "Premium Computer" Dominance, and Digital Pens

Join the editors of PC World for a frank discussion of the week's tech news.

Adapx's Digital Pen is a Breakthrough

The concept is simple: You write with a pen on paper, plug the pen into a computer, and everything you've written converts to digital text.