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Follow our privacy tips for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram to ensure that you're not oversharing.

Five essential Pokki apps bring the best of mobile and the Web to your desktop

Desktop apps can be lumbering beasts, but bloated browsers can make Web apps just as problematic. The Pokki platform runs sprightly Web and mobile apps on your desktop, no browser required.


Instagram fans await Polaroid Socialmatic Camera in 2014

You’ll be able to buy a Polaroid-branded instant digital camera that will let you shoot photos, apply Instagram filters, share them on Facebook and Instagram, and print your snapshot on Polaroid-style paper.


Hands on with

Instagram's website now lets desktop users view friends’ photos on a news feed. Lauren Crabbe takes the more powerful out for a test drive to find out which features are there and which ones are missing.



Instagram hits 90 million users despite terms-of-service fracas

Instagram says its population of active users has increased 10 percent since December, despite claims that the service is bleeding subscribers after a recent outrage over a revision to its terms of service.



Instagram faces class action lawsuit for updated terms of service

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Instagram over the company's controversial update to its terms of service last week.


Instagram update adds filter, tools after license kerfuffle

After a flap and reversal last week over revising its terms of use, Instagram has updated its service with new photo editing options and tighter integration with Facebook.


Instagram uproar is a tempest in a TOS teapot

Instagram users are upset with the photo-sharing service's terms of service. But those terms really haven't changed from what they were before. And Lauren Crabbe argues that there's more objectionable things about Instagram.

Instagram policy changes: Lessons to learn from the uproar

Instagram's trials over the past few days are a rite of passage reserved for only the most popular and beloved online services

Instagram: 'Legal documents are easy to misinterpet'

With calls for a boycott and users leaving the site in waves, Instagram on Tuesday said its terms of service changes were "misinterpreted."